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Got the wee nailed but...

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Pookythebear Tue 07-Aug-18 16:56:28

I’m guessing this a well trodden path 😞. DS2 (2.9) has been potty training for 2 weeks. Got the wee nailed on day 3 (with minimal accidents on the days before) and now takes himself to loo quite happily. Nights? he’s dry, can’t believe it. So proud of him.

Now. Poo. Still early days, I know, but he KNOWS he’s going and shouts out poo/potty or similar but by which point it’s gone splat. On the floor. So I think he’s only feeling he ‘needs’ to go when he’s... going. He’s also hard to judge on timings, no consistency and it varies between not going for a day or 3 times a day!

Any ideas to help him along? TIA!

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MadeForThis Tue 14-Aug-18 22:55:42

No advice but in the same situation.

Wee's are grand. Pooh is in pants. Bribery not working. Wants to go on potty but every day she says it was "too late". She mustn't feel or understand the sensation yet.

Time? Or a miracle?

Littlecaf Sat 18-Aug-18 19:16:31

Time and a reward chart?

MadeForThis Sat 18-Aug-18 21:16:24

We had a poop on the toilet yesterday. Read poo goes home to pooland and it seemed to click. Have talked about it loads since so fingers crossed it's at least a step in the right direction

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