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Please talk to me about normal progress

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M0reGinPlease Mon 06-Aug-18 09:44:47

Not 'my DC was dry in three days' but normal potty training progress.

DD is 2.10 and we've been training for a week now.

It started off really well, bare bummed on the potty. Then we got knickers on pretty successfully, moved the potty upstairs and have a step and a training seat on the downstairs loo.

She now seems totally bored of the whole thing and only seems to go when we ask her, whereas previously she was asking to go. She also took herself off to the potty to do a couple of poos but has since poo'd in her pants twice.

We're going out and about this week and I've explained we'll be having a try before we go out and again when we get to where we're going but she just seems totally pissed off whenever I ask her to go (trying not to over-ask).

So she's having a few accidents but they are either because she refuses to go when asked or she does it on purpose (that sounds mean but yesterday she wee'd on the floor and proudly told me she'd held her dress up so she obvs knew she was doing it).

Does this sound like normal progress?!

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MyBreadIsEggy Mon 06-Aug-18 09:48:58

Bribery worked well for us grin
Dd was 2 when we first tried, and she was fine in the house, but outside the house just wasn’t happening. So we tried again at 2 and a half, and she did what you describe - never had a wee accident, but poos were a whole different ball game.
The only way I could get her to poo on the potty or the toilet was to download the “Poo Goes To Pooland” app on my phone and the promise of dolly mixture when poo was produced in the potty or toilet blush
She’s 3yrs 4m now and happily takes herself upstairs and yells “Mama!! Come wipe my bum!” and doesn’t expect sweets anymore.

M0reGinPlease Mon 06-Aug-18 13:35:09

She's poo'd herself twice today 🤦‍♀️ I really thought she'd get it but the penny doesn't seem to have dropped so far. It's so frustrating!

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LML83 Mon 06-Aug-18 13:41:37

My ds is on wk4 and still averages 1 accident a day. He progressed really well at first and now less bothered.

We gave Smarties each time he went at first, then each time he had dry pants. Now he gets them when I really need him to try like before we go out.

My sister used to have a big song and dance (literally) when my niece did a pee in the toilet. My niece got the wrong end of the stick and excitedly came to tell her she peed on the floor like she thought her mum just liked her to pee.

It does all sound normal to me. She will get the hang of it, persevere.

ChilliMum Mon 06-Aug-18 13:50:26

Honestly I don't think there is a normal. Dd went 1 time on the potty and was so pleased with herself was dry day and night for a year then we had a few months where she would hold on to the last second and not make it in time then that passed.

Ds was the opposite a bit like your dd was happy for a few days then got bored. We tried bribery, sticker charts, super hero pants anything we could think of but he just wasn't bothered enough in the end it took about a year. He is 7 now and although he has been dry (as such) for about 4 years I still carry spare pants in my bag as it's just not his top priority.

It's just his personality though he's such a laid back chilled out little dude, dd on the other hand can be quite intense.

I am not really sure that any of that is helpful to you but however it goes it's normal for your dd is my point. Good luck and wine

M0reGinPlease Mon 06-Aug-18 13:55:47

It's just the most frustrating, difficult stage of parenting I've been through so far. I want to bang my head on the floor and put her back in nappies. I know I'm being childish, but honestly, it's so annoying! My DD is so smart, I really thought she'd just get it / want to do it. My mum says she needs longer to get used to knickers not being like a nappy and I should just ignore the accidents and praise the success but it's SO HARD!!!

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