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Day 9 - regression

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mrsoutnumbered Fri 03-Aug-18 07:37:06

We're on day 9 today and I'm starting to wonder if my 27 month old is even ready.

It all started off so well! She is speech delayed so never says when she needs a wee, but the first 4-5 days she would happily go and sit on the potty whenever she needed to. Since then it's like she's got lazy, she just keeps having accidents. She is bare bummed as putting knickers on just seems pointless. When she has them on she can't get them up and down and just wets them.

When we're out, she flat out refuses to use the travel potty or a toilet. So she is in pull ups while we're out.

Argh! What to do? It feels like such a backward step to put her back in nappies. But surely she should get it by now?!

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BeeMyBaby Sat 04-Aug-18 10:34:28

Does she give you any indication that she needs the toilet? My DS has speech delay so when we started training at 25m he made up a sign (pats his groin) and that made it much easier for him to communicate and in the last month or so he can finally say poopoo (he's 30 months now). Maybe if she doesn't feel she can communicate her needs to you then there isn't a point in trying so you could teach her to sign. Also I found for about a month DS required very positive reinforcement when using the toilet (basically a small clap and cheer everytime he went to the loo).

mrsoutnumbered Sat 04-Aug-18 12:50:31

Thanks, yes she does say wee. I think the positive reinforcement does help. I've also been telling her it's her very important job so make sure her wee goes in the potty or the toilet. Yesterday and today have gone a bit better, we've had less accidents although going out is still an issue!

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