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Toilet training help please

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happymummy12345 Sun 12-Aug-18 08:17:16

The things is we were hoping to not use a potty at all. And just use the toilet

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anotherangel2 Tue 31-Jul-18 13:06:04

Read the Oh crap potty training book. I would not use pull ups at all as he will be confused as they are nappies.

The toliet might be difficult for pooing as the potty will him a more natural position and make it easier to poo. My DD use the small toliet at nursery, big toilets when out and about but likes to use the potty at home so she can do it by herself.

mrsoutnumbered Sun 29-Jul-18 14:22:15

My daughter is 27 months and has speech delay. I have just bought some cheap potties and leave them about the house. That way she is never far from one. She doesn't say when she needs to go, but I am just leaving her naked and she just goes to sit on the potty when she needs a wee. She will say 'wee!' Afterwards!

Not quite sure how to move onto the next stages - ie wearing clothes! When we go out i our her in a pull up and take her to a toilet whenever I get a chance!

happymummy12345 Sun 29-Jul-18 13:30:29

Hi, I'll try to keep this as brief as possible. Our ds will be 3 this September. We believe he is ready for toilet training. He goes to nursery for 15 hours a week, we have spoken to them and they will be starting it there as soon as we say to.
I'll be honest, every aspect of parenting I got from my mum. I did things the way she did them because that was what I knew. There's such a large age gap between my siblings and I that I was an adult so was very involved with them. However I'd moved out by the time she had to toilet train, so this is the only aspect I haven't seen first hand. Hence I'm so worried about it.

Our plan is to skip the potty and go straight to the toilet. We have a seat with a built in baby seat, and we will get a step. However our only toilet is upstairs, so would that be doable?

I know they recommend to put them in pants so they can feel it more. But would I put a pull up over his pants, especially when going out, to nursery for example? (Otherwise I'll be doing a ton of washing all the time).

The biggest thing is how often should I be taking him to the toilet? As I said it's upstairs so need to allow for that. He has speech delay so won't always say, but he will pull down his pull up when he has done a wee, and will point down there when he needs to go or is going. And will tell us when he is dirty. The hard bit will be getting him to say or show us before he needs to go.

And how long should I let him sit on the toilet at a time?

The Heath visitor said when changing his pull-ups, i should take him to the toilet and show him, if it's it's wet I should tell him that wee goes in the toilet, and if it's dirty I should put the poo down the toilet, so he sees that's where it goes. Is that a good or bad idea?

I hear reward charts are highly recommended so will get him one of those.

Literally anything helpful will be appreciated? I'm dreading it tbh. This is the only aspect of parenting I'm not confident on.

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