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Potty training help

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YoYotheclown Tue 24-Jul-18 10:03:28

I put pants on mine during the day. Also I didn’t use a potty. I put her straight on the toilet with the seat. I took her every 15 minuets saying it’s pee pee time. Making pee noises.
She had quiet few accidents so keep towels handy. But was dry after 2 weeks
( I started when she was 2).
I did put her in pull ups at night though and waterproof sheets underneath. My dd woke up a lot during the night so I used to take her to the toilet then.

Aria2015 Tue 24-Jul-18 09:53:45

My lo is in pull ups for nap and bed. I just tell him, the nappy is for naps and it comes off as soon as he wakes. It hasn't confused him at all. I take his nappy off straight from a nap and then pop him straight on the potty. I would avoid putting a nappy on for a trip out though. Instead cover your car seat in something waterproof (I used a waterproof bib) and tell your lo that 'we wee in the potty and not the car' and then take your potty out with you and pop her on it regularly. For the first week I had my lo on the potty every half and hour. I confess I did use treats as motivation but I only needed to do it for a week. I was terrified too but it was actually relatively easy. Use lots of repetition and lots of praise. She may well have accidents but if she does just say 'oh you've done a wee, we do wee's in the potty now' and clear up and move on. When at home I recommend going naked from the bottom half down and covering your chairs etc... Good luck!

NannyR Tue 24-Jul-18 09:52:56

IME pull ups or nappies are fine for daytime naps, they don't cause confusion, just encourage them to go immediately before and afterwards.

You might be better planning to start potty training when you've got a few days with minimal necessary outings (like school runs etc) until they get the hang of it. A day out on day two isn't ideal.
I don't put them in pull ups at all (whilst they are awake) once we've started. Line the pushchair and car seat with towels and plastic bags or disposable pads, have plenty of spare clothes handy and put them on the potty just before you go out.

Potty training isn't as daunting as it seems! If they are ready it should go pretty smoothly.

emilyjayne5 Tue 24-Jul-18 09:43:22

I'm starting to potty train my little girl who's 2.5 years old and I'm absolutely terrified! It's my first time potty training and I need some tips! So far we've had a dry morning but then I put on a pull up for nap time but then I don't want to confuse her by using a pull up during the day and then pants for the morning and evening! Also we've got a day out planned tomorrow so do I put her in a pull up or pants? Any tips would be so helpful!

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