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Potty Training almost 3yr old

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MrsRainbowJohnson Thu 02-Aug-18 01:29:12


I feel the same as you. I put him in pull ups or nappy when we go out as he screams his head off because he doesn't want to use the toilet.

Honestly, if you are confident amd raring to go then do it. I started a thread under

AIBU to send DC to nursery in pull ups

And i got some really good advice. Sorry but i dont know how to send you the link. Maybe you can find it and have a read through it? I was really struggling but listening to others made me feel abit better.

One mum suggested dry like me pants. They are like a pad you insert in DCs pants. Ive recieved mine today but am yet to try on him.

All children are different, my DC adjusts to change really easily so i thought this wont be as hard but am quite surprised we are still at the beginning stage.

My MIL is the one who makes the comments too and how her children my DH was trained at 1 and her daughter was trained at 11 months... she tells me to not leave DS2 in nappies for too long and i always answer the same way, "when hes ready thats when we will start. I cant force him" but i am kind of forcing DS1, hes going to nursery so i would love it if hes half way there

LONC2012 Wed 01-Aug-18 20:42:27

We aren’t going well at all blush
My health visitor keeps telling me he isn’t ready and to give up and try again in a month but I really want him out of nappies for nursery.
I tried the other day, he went for wees when I asked him, he dribbled and I got him to the potty quickly. Then he wet like really wet, the carpet and his shorts and he didn’t even realise he had wee’d.

The only positive I’ve had is he is now starting to tel me when he has done a poo but that’s about it. My first son was so easy this time is so much harder! Especially with pressure from family with their snide comments!
Glad to hear I’m not alone x

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MrsRainbowJohnson Wed 01-Aug-18 20:16:31


How is the potty training coming along? Im in same boat as you. My DS is going ti nursery in September and he pees in the potty but seems to prefer pooing on the floor. We've been training for 3 week's now, some days no accidents but today and yesterday have been accidents all day

LONC2012 Mon 23-Jul-18 15:34:00

Hi all,
So my son is 3 in a month. We have had various attempts at potty training but it’s not going well. My HV told me to just leave it and try again and not to worry but he’s almost 3, starting nursery in September and I’d like him trained for then.

He is pretty good at going for a wee, so long as we ask him regularly if he needs to
Go. The problem is the poo’s. He’s only told me about 3/4 times that he’s done a poo. The majority of the time when he does a poo he doesn’t realise until we can smell him.
Yesterday he had his nappy off and had poo’d himself but never said a word and it was all over.
Just not sure what to do, whether to just keep going and hope he gets it or leave it a bit longer?
My first son was a breeze to potty train but this times proving a bit more difficult!

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