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Toileting regression?

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BarryTheKestrel Sun 22-Jul-18 22:27:56

DD (3.4) has been potty trained for over a year now and hasn't had an accident since Christmas day (previous to this other than the first week or two any issues were just not getting pants down quick enough etc) until 2 weeks ago.

I collected her from nursery to be told she'd had 2 accidents. The next day she wee'd on the sofa. Then seemed to be fine again. Then nursery the following week, another 2 accidents, the next day a wee on the floor. Now back to normal again.

For background: She started nursery at Easter for one full day a week. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant, she's known about this for 4 months and is very excited.

I have no idea what has happened to cause this sudden wetting herself. It hasn't happened previously and nothing has changed in the time frame that this has started other than the weather.

Her water intake has increased but she's very good at taking herself to the toilet or asking to go to the toilet and has been reliably doing this at home during this time (except for the 2 events detailed above).

Any ideas on a cause? Any ideas on a solution? She doesn't like being wet and gets very upset so I'd rather we tackle this sooner rather than later.

Thanks for any advice.

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