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DD absolutely terrified of using toilet/potty...please help!

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Toofle Sat 21-Jul-18 10:05:33

It's the obvious thing to try first. But I wonder why she's so
scared. Did she once have a constipated poo on the pot that hurt her? Or see a huge spider coming to get her?
I can promise you she'll get over it!

TheosMummy90 Sat 21-Jul-18 07:32:51

@Toofle think I'm going to try this, we are both so worked up about it at the moment we're getting nowhere! Thank you, hopefully she'll have forgotten all the negative thoughts she has about it by then and the excitement of getting ready for school will spur her on smile

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JennieLee Fri 20-Jul-18 17:58:16

As it's summer can't you just have her running round in the garden with only a T shirt or dress on - no underwear. And she can squat down and pee on the lawn. (Most walkers will do alfresco peeing so an alternative is to go somewhere rural and quiet with herand model that.) It can be a sort of intermediate stage between weeing into clothing/nappies and using a potty or toilet.

Toofle Fri 20-Jul-18 17:56:00

Put her back in nappies and don't mention the whole business again at all until two weeks before term starts. But do let her see you and her siblings , if she has any, use the loo, without comment. She's just not ready yet.

TheosMummy90 Fri 20-Jul-18 17:52:46

My nearly 3 year old little girl is terrified of using a potty/toilet. She will sit on it no problem but will not use it, as soon as she feels she’s about to go she starts screaming and shaking and gets off, and manages to continue holding it in. I’ve tried showing her, bribing her with sweets/toys etc but she is terrified and will hold on for hours without going if I put underwear and cries to have a nappy back on. She’s wee’d herself twice today just after sitting on the toilet because she just cannot hold it in anymore, she knows weeing her knickers is wrong and that she should use the toilet but it’s obviosuly less scary than using the toilet for her 😩😩
Anyone had this problem and have any tips for overcoming it? Seriously feeling defeated here, she starts school in September and I just can’t see her using the toilet before then😩 and I know she’s ready as she can hold her leeks for so long I just need her to do one wee and realise it’s not yucky or scary and I think she’ll be fine!

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