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Tips needed for 2 year old girl please

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StrugglingMumma Wed 18-Jul-18 09:35:36

Looking for tips please to make the process as stress free as possible. My daughter was 2 in early April and I haven't toilet trained for 12 years.

We are currently on Day 5 with no accidents. Something just seemed to click with her late last week after lots of accidents. We have never shouted at her for having an accident, although the day before things seem to click, I did tell her in normal tone that it was yucky to wee/ poop on the floor and that it's not what Mummy/ Daddy/ Brother do. It's more than likely to be a coincidence.

Through the day is going really well. I put a pull up on her for afternoon nap and that's also been dry.

The problem is at nighttime, she's kicking off because she doesn't want to have a pull up for bedtime. But she's waking up very wet in the morning still.

Do I just give it a bash and hope for the best with putting her on the potty (scared of the toilet) before I go to bed or stick with pull ups for the time being? She does still have a bottle of milk before bed.

Thanks in advance

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StrugglingMumma Wed 18-Jul-18 13:10:54


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Metalhead Wed 18-Jul-18 15:19:25

We waited until DD1 was dry in the mornings before getting rid of nighttime nappies, but she wasn’t really fussed about them... sorry that’s not much help, but hopefully will bump your thread!

Belmo Wed 18-Jul-18 20:26:45

Would resusable pull ups work? Could claim they are special night time pants!

StrugglingMumma Wed 18-Jul-18 21:43:43

@Belmo I never even thought of washable training pants! Your a star! I will definitely give them a go.

Thanks everyone 😊

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mrsoutnumbered Thu 02-Aug-18 18:02:16

@StrugglingMumma how did you get on? Did the washable pull up work?

My daughter (was also 2 in April) keeps taking her pull up off at bedtime and wetting the bed. It's driving me nuts!

StrugglingMumma Fri 03-Aug-18 07:09:12

@mrsoutnumbered Hi, She has been doing amazingly. Everything has just seemed to click into place. She has only had three accidents since I posted through the day. Night time is very hit and miss though but I'm not too bothered about that. The accidents have happened while wearing the reusable potty training pants but I think that's because they are very fluffy and maybe feel like a nappy to her? Not sure.

We are still using pull ups for bedtime after trying without for a few nights. We call them bedtime pants.

She has even started to use the toilet too which she was terrified to start with.

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mrsoutnumbered Fri 03-Aug-18 07:31:14

That's great to hear and gives me hope! I did think about the washable pants but I don't think I'll bother with them as they don't sound right for us.

StrugglingMumma Fri 03-Aug-18 10:00:00

We always carry the portapotty with us and extra clothes just incase. Good luck!

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Gottokondo Fri 03-Aug-18 10:58:42

My nephew didn't want a diaper for the night (he was wet at night till 7). His parents waited till he fell asleep and then put it on him. He was good at sleeping through though.

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