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Potty training at nursery. Am I over reacting?

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oppy22 Thu 12-Jul-18 09:52:50

My little girl is 23 months and for the last two weeks has been nappy free at home (apart from sleeping) and going to the potty of her own accord. She has the occasional accident, but is doing really well.

At nursery they have said because she is still in the baby room, there isn't free access to a potty and that she needs to be in nappies all day. They say they will ask her if she wants the potty when they change her nappy. I collected her yesterday to be told she had done everything in her nappy and nothing in the potty.

I can understand that they don't want accidents in the baby room, but at the same time I'm annoyed at this approach because they are giving her mixed messages (ie nappies for one day a week). I don't want to cause a scene but I'm considering keeping her out of nursery until she is two and can go in the toddler room.

What experiences of nursery and potty training have others had? Is this a normal approach by a nursery? Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

Thank you! smile

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SoyDora Thu 12-Jul-18 09:56:35

That sounds bizarre to me. Mine was potty trained at 20 months, fully supported by her pre school.

diedyediedye Thu 12-Jul-18 09:58:04

Mine was also in the baby room when potty trained.

bettybyebye Thu 12-Jul-18 09:58:37

Very odd. I would just take my own potty in and insist that she uses that in the baby room, or ask for her to move up to the toddler room now given that she is nearly is 2. At our nursery children move to the toddler room anytime between 18 and 24 months

oppy22 Thu 12-Jul-18 10:14:01

Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking that this is odd!

They say they can't have accidents where the babies crawl so I don't think they will let me bring in a potty. sad
I'll ask if they can move her up early although they also say she can't have a bare bum so has to wear nappies/knickers but she doesn't know how to pull them up or down. It's so frustrating! I've just been having her in a dress with nothing underneath and it's been working so well.
I have asked them for their potty training protocol so hopefully there will be something we can work with!

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Havetothink Sun 15-Jul-18 09:53:50

Why couldn't they just take her into the next room to use the potty?

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