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Advice on nappies

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OhHolyJesus Tue 10-Jul-18 16:35:45

At least summer is a good time to try - any accidents on a quick wash and dry outside in 20 mins! grin

mrsoutnumbered Tue 10-Jul-18 16:15:12

It is a lot to think about isn't it! I hate potty training!!! Putting it off with my 27 month old although I'm sure she's ready blush

OhHolyJesus Tue 10-Jul-18 16:02:04

I think pants can feel like nappies initially and nappies can confuse as what your saying is poo/pee when you have something on, not in the potty which is obviously what you want to encourage. But do read the book as it has exceptions like 'bedtime pants' or 'travel pants for long journeys...

My advice and feel free to ignore it of course, but stay in nappies for now until you've read the book and are completely prepared to say goodbye to nappies. Then go for it! So hide the potty and take time off or time it when you can stay home. It sounds like on you're next attempt you will crack it quickly as she is willing and capable.

Consider what's happened a rehearsal for the real thing! Good luck x

hellohello12345 Tue 10-Jul-18 15:21:00

Thanks everyone! It got a bit stressful yesterday as I put a pair of knickers on her and she loved them but kept refusing to go on the potty then wet herself and cried when I took the knickers off so I ended up putting a nappy on then. She's at nursery today so they are going to see how she does. I think I will have a read on the oh crap method. Really appreciate your replies - feels like a lot to think about at the moment!

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gryffen Tue 10-Jul-18 15:09:19

Maybe nappy pants or trainer pants so they look like grown up knickers - we trained our daughter over Easter and she's fully dry day and night just hasn't mastered poo yet (language delay only reason).

Bed mats are expensive for kids so best advice is Puppy training mats which are larger and cheaper in bulk.

Way to go for 5 in potty tho

OhHolyJesus Tue 10-Jul-18 15:06:34

I'd keep going but maybe read other threads on here which can debrief you on the Oh Crap method. I say this as a fan of the book which helped me PT DS at 20 months.

Sounds likes she's capable and poos on the potty is hard to crack but what a fab start!

mrsoutnumbered Tue 10-Jul-18 14:58:19

5 wees on the potty is fantastic! I would go cold turkey, and perhaps get some of those bed mats for the sofa/pushchair/car seat!

CatWithKittens Sun 08-Jul-18 11:37:59

How about trainer pants - a little security for the sofa but proper pants so far as your daughter is concerned?

hellohello12345 Sun 08-Jul-18 08:53:03

Nursery said they thought my daughter was ready to start gradually trying the potty. She is 23 months.

So yesterday we took her nappy off from 3-8pm and she managed 5 wee's on the potty but did a poo on the floor near the potty.

This morning I thought I would try again and she has done two wee's on the potty but then did a small wee on the sofa while watching tv. She then asked for a clean nappy which I have put on her.

What should I do? Should I buy some normal pants for her to wear or just let her choose when she has nappy on and off? I don't want to push it as she is young but it was a really good start.

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