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Not sure how to get started?

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crazychemist Fri 06-Jul-18 18:25:02

Hi there!

DD is 22 months. She's starting nursery in September and will also have one day a fortnight with DH from then (until now she's been with my DMum when I'm at work). I'm a teacher and am on summer holidays from now until the first week of September, so thought this was a good time to give potty training a go!

We've had the potty a couple of weeks so she could get used to seeing it. She knows what it's for, she has an older friend who has been potty training a little while so my DD has seen her use one.

Today was day 1. DD will sit on it with a nappy still on and do a wee! But if I take the nappy down and try to encourage her, she just says "weeeeee" and does nothing! She waits until she has a nappy on until she does anything!

I really don't want to go cold turkey with nappies yet! My hope was to just give her lots of praise and a sticker on her chart each time something ended up in the potty. But how do I do this if nothing ever goes in there??? I don't mind if this takes a while.

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attackofthe50footwoman Fri 06-Jul-18 20:47:43

I think it's a good start, just don't push but let her sit as you are doing.

Maybe put her on at bathtime and see if she wee's then.

She's still pretty young yet.

crazychemist Tue 10-Jul-18 14:31:23

Cheers attack. She is a bit young, but she was so excited to see her slightly older friend doing it and getting lots of praise, so we thought we'd give it a low pressure attempt.

Day 4, only one wee actually in the potty (and one on the floor next to it!), but she now goes to it, lifts the lid, does a wee and puts the lid back down......all still wearing the nappy! Key step missing :-)

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