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Potty training by 18 months before starting nursery?

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freegazelle Thu 05-Jul-18 19:53:18

Recently my DS - 15 months - started taking off his nappy at every opportunity and pooing everywhere! Nappy changes were also becoming a battle. He'd clearly started disliking the feel of a dirty nappy (he didn't care before).

I thought maybe he'd prefer to use to a potty, so I keep it in his play area. For the last week he's only pooed in his potty, and goes for quite long periods dry without a nappy (a good few hours). He cant walk or talk (just babbles) - i put him on the potty after he wakes up and when it looks like he needs a poo.

The thing is he's starting nursery in a few months when I go to back to work full time. I can't expect nursery staff to watch when he needs a potty. So how "trained" do they need to be before sending them to nursery in pants? How does it work exactly? Do they need to be able to go to a nursery worker and tell them when they need to go?

I'm just wondering if there's any point in continuing with the potty if he will go to nursery in nappies, or if anyone has managed to get a baby trained by 18 months?

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Emmafh3 Fri 06-Jul-18 13:21:56

I started doing this with my dd at about that age. (helped we cloth napped so she couldn't always get the nappies off if I clipped them) but I honestly think it's just a fun game and they love being naked.
So we got her used to the toilet and sat her on it on every nappy change and when she started to poop. Tried full on training and she knew when she had weed but only after the fact and she couldn't tell me what and when she needed it so I didn't press it and just plonked her on the toilet occasionally.
She's now just turned 19months and she's decided that she wants to toilet every poo and wee. So he we are, in full swing. She now can tell me poopoo before she needs a wee or poo. And I think that is the key.
If your ds can't tell you or isn't fully aware before he needs to do his business then I wouldn't press the matter yet until you know he reliably can and understands when you ask if he needs a wee or poo.
IMHO anyway.

shouldwestayorshouldwego Fri 06-Jul-18 13:28:21

DS stopped pooing in his nappy at 5 months. I just sat him on the potty every time I changed his nappy. If you can do it at regular times even better. Prior to this he would only poo when I had taken off a wet nappy and had litually just put a clean one on. Sometimes I hadn't even done it up. It was longer until he was dry reliably. I would speak to the nursery, ask them what times they usually change nappies and get ds used to those set nappy times. Sit him on the potty every time and see what happens.

LegoBitcho Fri 06-Jul-18 13:34:11

cloth napped confused

I think he's too young and just doesn't like wearing a nappy. Not a sign of being ready unfortunately. Do go in pants he really needs to be able to let someone know when he needs the potty. The nursery will help you potty train though, so maybe ask them their thoughts.

Bluffinwithmymuffin Fri 06-Jul-18 13:48:51

I'm just wondering if there's any point in continuing with the potty if he will go to nursery in nappies, or if anyone has managed to get a baby trained by 18 months?

Not so long ago, it was quite the norm to be potting training and even getting children out of nappies altogether at 18 months, so I’d go for it; he sounds halfway there already and a few months should be more than enough to see it through. Nursery should be supportive, even if he has the occasional accident (as they all do) once in a while. Definitely worth the effort, I’d say. Good luck with it, OP

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