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On what day did you get to the pint of no wee accidents?

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anotherangel2 Sat 30-Jun-18 17:56:37

As above.

We on are day 8 and I am hoping for soon.

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neversleepagain Sat 30-Jun-18 17:58:17

Twin 1 by day 3
Twin 2 by day 4

They are really ready and it was quick and painless.

LegoBitcho Sat 30-Jun-18 18:11:19

Dd1 day 1, dd2 day 4.

Trialsmum Sat 30-Jun-18 18:15:54

Day 3 for day time and 2 weeks until happy free at night time.

Igottastartthinkingbee Sat 30-Jun-18 18:16:10

DS day 3 or 4 DD day 2. BUT they both had lots of accidents interspersed with spells of totally dry days. For months. DD got the hang of it quicker than DS though. I’m always surprised at the people who say their kids never had an accident from the start!

Groovee Sat 30-Jun-18 18:19:47

Day 1 for dd she 2 and a half.Day 3 for ds who was 2 and 3/4's.

It was the one part of being a nursery nurse I used to groan at but my 2 were pretty quick

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Sat 30-Jun-18 18:26:56

I’m so sorry, but it all depends - there is no one answer. If your child is ready, it can be very quick, if they are not, it could be ages.

But, with the voice of experience (three dses, all grown up now) I can tell you that they will be dry eventually, and even if it seems like ages now, it won’t look like that in hindsight - and it is much easier coping with the inevitable accidents in summer than winter.

anotherangel2 Sat 30-Jun-18 18:40:29

Thanks all. Yesterday and today Sheba had one accident so I guess it is going OK. She refuses any suggestions at home to wee.

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anotherangel2 Sat 30-Jun-18 18:50:59

Groovee she only had one accident in two full days at nursery.

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anotherangel2 Mon 02-Jul-18 13:14:04

Yesterday all wee was in the potty or toilet. grin

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BarryTheKestrel Mon 02-Jul-18 13:18:52

It took us a while. We started potty training in July last year. We'd have dry days and accident days with no real telling as to why and no consistency, a week dry, 2 days wet etc. But now, our last accident was Christmas day last year. Not a single dribble since, it just took some time!

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