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One wee on potty - now what?!

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Metalhead Wed 27-Jun-18 14:24:38

DD2 is 2.5; yesterday I let her run around the garden naked for a couple of hours and put the potty out, she did a couple of wees but not in it. Then after bath as I lifted her out, she started doing another one, so I shouted “stop!” and she did until I’d put her on the potty, then did a big wee in there. So my question is, what do I do now? Should I start training her properly? Or just put her on every now and then until she wants to do it herself? With DD1 we waited until she said she didn’t want nappies anymore, and she only had a couple of accidents, so this whole ‘training’ idea is completely new to me!

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anotherangel2 Wed 27-Jun-18 14:29:46

Can she manage her own trousers yet? Is she interested in the potty? Does she know the difference between wet and (just on hands etc)? Do you have a quiet few weeks when you can stay at home tonight focus on it?

Metalhead Wed 27-Jun-18 15:21:50

She can pull her trousers down/up and often asks to sit on the potty before bath. But we don’t really have much free time over the next couple of months to stay at home for days. Maybe a weekend here or there...

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