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Potty or straight onto the toilet??

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FriedGreenTomatoes123 Mon 18-Jun-18 16:33:00

Well potty training time is looming on the horizon for us and I'm after a bit of advice.

What have people found best to do, get their LO to use a potty and then transition to a toilet or to get them to use the toilet straight away?

Also, can anyone recommend and books that they found helpful? So far I've only been recommended the Jamie Clowacki one.

Thanks in advance.

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Mummy301308 Mon 18-Jun-18 21:38:02

I think it really depends on the child tbh. My DS used the potty & still has a 'lazy wee' sometimes. It took a long time for him to use the toilet. My DD1 used the potty too but progressed to the toilet fairly quickly. DD2 had no interest in the potty & used it as a toy. I got a seat for the toilet & she is pretty much nappy less (sleeping & tired times a nappy goes on) Is your LO talking so they can tell you "wee" & "poo"? My DD2 is talking so much more than her siblings & seems to pick things up fairly quickly, so within a few days she put the two together & could tell me when she needed to go/going. Once we kind of cracked that, I started the toilet training.
I'd get both the potty & toilet seat. Show your LO & make it exciting. Get some knickers/pants, maybe let them pick their favourite ones? They'll soon let you know which way they like best & that makes it easier for you too. Good luck!

quackaday Mon 18-Jun-18 21:49:37

I did have a potty for both of mine but actually got on much better with a training seat for the loo. Nothing fancy just a seat that made it more comfy for them whilst their bottoms were small! DS (my youngest) didn't use the potty at all thinking about it. I felt happier about the fact that when we were out and about he wasn't phased by toilets. If we went to other people's houses we just took the seat with us rather than a potty. It worked for us but really there's no right or wrong...

FriedGreenTomatoes123 Tue 19-Jun-18 20:39:53

My DS is 24 months. He will tell me that he's has done wee wees or a poo after he has done them.

He does actually ask to wee on the toilet (always after he's done it), so maybe a basic seat is the way to go.

It's such a huge milestone and there's so much advice out there. It's so daunting.

Hopefully when we decide to start we will be able to figure out what technique suits our DS best.

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Mummy301308 Tue 19-Jun-18 21:07:26

That's a start OP. He's knows he's going or gone & he's telling you. I just put DD2 on the toilet even though she'd already done it & went from there. She soon cottoned on & started to tell me before she needed to go.
Take your time, he'll master it in his own time, in his own way. Good luck again!

FriedGreenTomatoes123 Tue 19-Jun-18 21:09:33

Thank you!

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