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What to do about nights?

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DieAntword Fri 15-Jun-18 07:35:43

Been potty training my 23 month old the last few days. Day 2 I was sure I was kidding myself, he was too young, this whole process was a dud.

Day 3 he used the potty like a champ, only one accident. Day 4 when I got him up in the morning I said "I'm going to the toilet" and he said "and I go to the potty" and we both went and had a wee together lol.

Anyway, I noticed these past 2 days his nappy has been bone dry when I got him up in the morning. Which of course makes me wonder about nights. I wouldn't even think of tackling it for a few more weeks and we'd have to get mattress protectors and extra sheets (we only have 2 changes of sheet at the moment - doesn't help that his brother's cot is a totally different size).

But the big thing is... he is in a cotbed. We'll need to take the side off once we tackle nights... is that too big of a transition in one go? He can already climb out of his cot (does it all through reading him stories but once we sing the goodnight song he lies down and stays in bed) and stays in it but I don't know how he'd respond to not having all 4 sides on the bed. I have visions of me taking him back to bed all night long. Plus I am not keen on there being a nightlight in the room because I got blackout curtains in order to keep his brother asleep and a nightlight seems to kind of defeat the point. But if he needed the potty how would he get there in pitch black?

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teaandbiscuitsforme Fri 15-Jun-18 13:10:11

I would wait until he's consistently dry for a decent period before you worry too much. You could see if he's dry for 2 weeks, with my DD I waited about a month because she was under 2 as well. She was already in a single bed so we didn't have issues with her getting up but I think if you decide to go for it you have to treat any unnecessary get ups as behavioural. Some people would probably say to put a potty in the room and a stair gate on the door.

Codysmum88 Sat 16-Jun-18 16:39:59

Leave him in nappies, he might go back to wetting if taken out of them too soon

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