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Won’t poo on the potty!

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Pigeonpair2 Mon 11-Jun-18 19:21:57

Hello, looking for some advice please.
We have been potty training my 2.5yr old daughter for nearly 2 months. She has got the hang of wees in the potty and asks to go and very rarely has accidents.
However...she is really struggling to get the hang of doing a poo, she will say she needs to go and will sit on the potty but not for long enough to go. Today it ended up that she sat in the potty every 5 mins for nearly 2 hours and then finally did it in her knickers!
We have tried all sorts....
Chocolate buttons/sticker charts
She understands where she is meant to go
Distractions like reading books/singing songs but she then doesn’t concentrate on going
No distractions but she won’t sit there and wait
The toilet, potty, toilet training seat

She’s not afraid of going as will happily go in the middle of playgroup, it’s almost as if as soon as she sits down the urge stops! She eats plenty of fruit, veg, fibre and water..

Help please!!!!

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Tractorprincess Tue 12-Jun-18 18:23:19

Well I don't have any answers but I am going through the same.

Been potty training ds for2 weeks, he's quite good with wees but won't poo on the toilet.

Similar to you he keeps getting on and off but won't sit for long enough to actually do anything.

It's strange because for the first couple of days he did poo on the potty, but I can't get him to do it again.

I can understand why it's difficult for them, does your dd poo at a regular time each day? I've read that it's easier if they do.

Pigeonpair2 Wed 13-Jun-18 08:16:05

No, she doesn’t seem to have a regular time, think that would make it easier!

I guess I’ll just keep going and hope for something to change. We’ve got a HV check next week so will mention there and see if they have any ideas!

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