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Standing or sitting?

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MelonB Sat 09-Jun-18 20:40:06

Just realised that I have absolutely no idea about potty training my little boy (2.3). Not that I'm thinking about doing it yet, just trying to get my head around how it's going to work. Do I teach him to wee standing up or sitting down? I saw a kid's urinal for sale, is that better than a potty? Aaargh!!

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drspouse Sat 09-Jun-18 20:43:18

Sitting, as it helps them with poo. Gravity and that.
Also nursery will thank you.

MelonB Sat 09-Jun-18 21:49:12

Thank you

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Failingat40 Sat 09-Jun-18 22:10:39

Standing worked best for my ds, he was toilet trained within a week at 2y3m.

He hated the potty, felt unsafe I think.

For poos he sat down on the toilet with a trainer seat.

No issues at all this way for nursery

SendYouUpinFlames Sat 09-Jun-18 22:12:24

I say sat down. Ds1 turned 3 last week and is completley potty trained/ is using the toilet fully when he needs it now.

We learnt him sitting.

Nottalotta Sat 09-Jun-18 22:21:01

Sitting. D's often says he needs a we e then plops a poo out. Wouldnt want that to happen standing! I'd highly recommend the "Oh crap" book. Get it from Amazon. I read it in horror (left it too late, go cold turkey with nappies etc) but it worked brilliant in giving me an idea of how to proceed. Started Thursday before Easter. No nappies apart from bedtime. Done in 3 days, with a couple of accidents when he's been at grandparents (they don't remind him). He was 2 yrs 8 months. Dry at night after a few days which was a miracle. I am starting to get him up for a wee though as he's been very tired and seeing before waking.

MelonB Sat 09-Jun-18 22:34:19

I'll have a look into the Oh Crap book. Thanks for the advice everyone

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AndWhat Sat 09-Jun-18 22:37:45

My DS refused to sit for a wee, we got him a frog urinal from amazon. Always happy to sit for a poo bit never for a wee.

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