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She woke up for a pee! Woo!

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LemonadePockets Thu 07-Jun-18 00:37:31

On Sunday my DD (2yrs 4months) decided she was going to start using the toilet, used the loo all day to pee and poo. Monday she went to nursery & had accidents all day long, same on Tuesday.. she was just holding it in until she couldn’t any longer and she was getting so upset it upset me. I thought maybe Sunday was a fluke. Today she used the toilet at nursery 3 times, still a wee accident but nothing major. She still has a bottle at night so we weren’t expecting her to be dry straight away so have been putting a pull up on as normally her nappy would be very wet in the morning. This week she’s been getting dryer and dryer however I have still put a pull up on her..
Anyway, 00:10 she wakes and shouts she needs to pee. I took her to the bathroom & we had quite a big struggle to get her to use the loo but eventually she sat on her toilet seat and went.

Is is likely to be a total fluke that she’s woke up for the toilet? Or are we heading for dryer nights?

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