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Potty training regression since moving rooms at Nursery! Advice please!

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shadia253 Mon 04-Jun-18 20:15:56


Please can someone help - my DS is 2.7 years old, and he was doing well at Nursery, his key worker had him toilet trained at 2 and he absolutely loved being with her.

They decided at 2.5 years that he would be ready to enter the preschool room, 6 months early, but we were told that he was ready for it and had been enjoying spending time there with the older kids.

Fast forward 2 months and things aren't going well.
His toilet training has completely gone backwards, he refuses to go to the toilet with any of the key workers in his room and now will only wee in his nappy.
The key workers in the room keep pressuring me to send him in underwear only as they think that he will then suddenly go to the toilet there.
My concern is that he has gone from a room of 8 kids to a room of 24 kids (ages 3 & 4), and they just don't have the time to dedicate to him, most of the time they don't know if he's napped, if he's had to have his nappy changed etc.

I have given underwear a try on the weekends, but he still wees without saying he needs to go. We do put him on the toilet to catch wees, which he will always do a wee, but sometimes it's a fight to get him to the toilet, or if he knows we are on our way to the toilet he will try to do one in his nappy.
He doesn't do poo's in the toilet at all.

He was a very confident little boy before, but he seems to have lost all of his confidence, and we have been told that he is hardly speaking in the room, and they are telling us that he is being naughty sometimes, which is completely opposite to the reports we used to have about him in his other room. He cries every morning before going to nursery, which again is the complete opposite of how he was prior to moving into the preschool room.

I have asked the nursery manager for a meeting as it's become very apparent that he was probably too young to be moved into that room. She said that she would try and support his settling in, but so far nothing has been done and we had that conversation around 8 weeks ago.

How do I help him get back to where he was with toilet training? he was doing so well before and this seems to be like a regression because he isn't happy being in his new room.

Anyone else have any experience of this?

Many thanks for reading!

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