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Mumofthree81 Fri 01-Jun-18 14:20:30

Hi any advice will help plz im at the stage im started to pull my hair out. I have a 3.10 yr old that was fully trained during the day from 2 1/2 but back worse that it was when i first started potty training. She still in pull ups at nite cz she does b wet in morning. Im having to change her 4-5 times a day ive tried everything i can think of eg saying nothing just changing n making a big deal and rewarding when she does go to toilet, making her go every half hr she will tell u she doesnt need to go when on toilet 5mins later she's wet, rewards chart worked for 1 day and getting cross n refusing to give treat or use of ipad only worked for 1 day. I just dont know were to go from here please help this has been going on now for 3wks had a sample checked for infection all clear.

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