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Night time- nearly 6 year old

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Bugaboom Sat 26-May-18 22:21:50

My DS has never had a dry night. We tried a couple of times last summer to ditch the night nappies but every night I ended up changing the sheets at least twice.
I've not been in a rush to try again but his three year old sister is dry at night so this evening he asked again to try. I made sure he went to the toilet twice before bed (He went to sleep around 7.45/8). I decided I would wake him at 10 and take him to toilet. But he was already wet!
What would you do? I've changed the sheets and he's refused to put a pull up on. Should we try it for a few nights and see how it goes? I'm not hopeful ☹

KioraAdora Sat 26-May-18 22:25:01

I would go to see the G.P. Im sure some children need medication due to a hormone imbalance. Has the G.P checked?

didireallysaythat Sat 26-May-18 22:33:41

DS2 will be 8 in September and is very rarely dry at night. I went to the GP last summer and was told until he's 9-10 it's not too un-normal (if you see what I mean) so I shouldn't worry and they wouldn't do anything. DS1 was dry at night by the time he was 7 I think...

Wolfiefan Sat 26-May-18 22:35:40

Night dryness is down to hormone production. He's not ready. He's only 5. Not unusual.

lorisparkle Sat 26-May-18 22:57:16

When my ds was 8 there was at least three other children in his class not dry at night and the dr considered it normal until 9yrs ish. There is a great charity called ERIC who have a website with lots of useful information. With my ds there was a definite genetic link and he was a very deep sleeper. We saw a specialist continence nurse when he was older and got the hormone on prescription and then an alarm. He was dry just after his 10th birthday.

Some things that help - lots to drink in the day except black currant squash and tea/coffee, no drinks 1 hour before bed (but for ds it was 2 hours), getting them to help change the bed but no cross ness about wet beds.

Voice0fReason Sat 26-May-18 23:38:56

He's just not ready. Children vary enormously with this.
It's like trying to encourage a baby to grow their first tooth - you have no control over it, it will happen in its own time.

Voice0fReason Sat 26-May-18 23:39:40

Meant to add, ERIC has some good information.

sproutsandparsnips Sat 26-May-18 23:43:17

Totally normal - neither of my ds were dry before 6 (one not till 8).
My advice fwiw is leave in pull ups till 7 if not reliably dry.

polsha Sat 26-May-18 23:43:41

At 5 I would be wasting anyone's time on a GP app.

It will come.

All of mine just wore pull ups In bed intel they were dry. It took until 7 for one of them, 5 for another, then 2.5 (night and day together) and then 6.

It varies.

DramaAlpaca Sat 26-May-18 23:53:01

My two older sons weren't reliably dry at night until 8 & 9. Their little brother was dry day & night at the same time, at 2 & a half. They are all different.

I used to double layer the bed with a plastic sheet between so it was easy to pull off the wet sheets & get them back to bed quickly. At 8 & 9 they could manage this themselves & wouldn't wake me during the night.

Someone else said it already above & I totally agree - never be cross about a wet bed, just be matter of fact & reassuring.

mummabearfoyrbabybears Sat 26-May-18 23:56:47

It's totally normal to not be dry at that age. Once the hormone kicks in his wee will become more concentrated and have a smell to it. All three of my boys were later than our daughter. Ds1 10 when started having dry nights still wet occasionally until he was 13ish ds2 dry around 7 still regularly wet (1-2 week) until he was about 11 and ds3 is 5 and nowhere near dry.

Bugaboom Sun 27-May-18 06:54:34

Thank you all for these replies and the reassurances.
My husband woke him at 1am to go for a wee which he did but he was still wet again by 6.30. I will leave it a bit longer if he's ok with it.
I have been on the ERIC website before and seem to recall it saying that although normal you have to try now and then without the nappies. And to try for a week. We've never made it to a week on previous attempts.

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