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Feel like crying!

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tattiehat Tue 22-May-18 11:04:59

So we started PT using the Oh Crap method, now my first problem is I feel like I've left it too long (DD will be 3 next month).

We're on day 3 and she still doesn't seem to get it, I've taken the week off to try to get this sorted but she just doesn't seem to know when she needs to pee and happily pees on the floor.

She is also not very happy with the potty, sometimes she'll sit but doesn't pee, other times she absolutely screams and refuses to sit.

Feeling that we've made absolutely no progress in 3 days 😩

Any ideas people???

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JustbackfromBangkok Tue 22-May-18 11:08:43

Wait until the weather gets warmer and she can be out in the garden with the potty and fewer clothes.
Even better if you can invite a slightly older, already trained child over to play.
Don't stress. You haven't left it too late.
Consider a pasta jar for the rewards every time she does a wee in the potty.

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