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Potty training... not sure when I should start?

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Ck84 Sun 13-May-18 21:57:21

Hi, My dd is 3 next month but she is non-verbal and doesn't seem to understand what I say. She starts nursery in August and I'm looking for advice from anyone that was/is in similar situation as myself. She does pull her nappies off sometimes when wet which I would think would suggest she would be ready for potty training... just unsure how to go about it? Help! Xx

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tailorscaly Mon 14-May-18 14:12:57

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tomhazard Tue 15-May-18 05:41:59

I think it would be tricky if she's entirely non verbal. I would look to get this addressed first and potty training later- have you seen a health visitor or GP about her speech and understanding?

BeeMyBaby Tue 15-May-18 06:29:22

I agree with PP that it needs to be addressed with GP first. DS has a good level of understanding and although he is non-verbal he is a able to communicate that he needs the toilet (2.3 yr) just by pointing to his bottom or willy area. So I think if she can communicate without words then it might work, but if she hasn't worked out how to use hand signals yet it's likely to be too difficult and it's not really fair on her.

Ck84 Tue 15-May-18 08:45:48

I just wasn't sure because she is pulling her nappies off. She attends speech therapy and awaiting to see paediatrician so I have addressed this... when I have said to HV, nursery and speech therapist they have just said to leave potty out but I just wanted to check if anyone had attempted this and how they got on who was in same situation. Il leave the potty training until later... thanks smile

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tomhazard Tue 15-May-18 08:59:54

If she has good non verbal signals such as pointing you could have a go? If you don't get anywhere with it you could just then leave it till she had a few words to help her.

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