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Asd 4 year old Ds still in nappies.

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Minecraftfan Mon 07-May-18 13:08:03

Asd Ds is 4 and still in nappies. I am looking for advice on how to potty train him.
He knows when he has pooped and will sometimes use the potty but must of the time he refuses. My concern is that he starts school in September and won't be potty trained
Many thanks in advance

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LoislovesStewie Mon 07-May-18 13:11:38

My son has asd and just used the lavatory but never a potty. He trained himself at a very young age and would not consider a potty. Don't know if that helps but he might prefer to try that.

littledinaco Mon 07-May-18 13:18:39

Do you do all nappy changes in the bathroom? If not, start doing that.

Does he recognise when he needs to go yet? What’s his communication like? Is he happy to sit on the toilet? (Lots of DC with ASD can be freaked out by the toilet).

Often praise/rewards don’t work as well for children with ASD so I would probably stay away from that and use ‘thank you for telling me you’ve done a poo, that’s helpful’ and ‘you must feel proud of yourself for sitting on the potty’ etc.

The school cannot legally refuse to take him (even without any SN). Tbe ERIC website is good if you have problems with the school.

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