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How to get rid of wee smell??

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ShiftyLookingBadger Sat 28-Apr-18 16:35:40

My baby tipped over his sister's potty FULL of wee into the carpet. I've tried washing up liquid, baking soda, carpet shampoo and a Vax wash (which I swear made it worse!) Any suggestions Mumsnet?

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SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Sat 28-Apr-18 16:56:10

White vinegar - proper vinegar - it does make the place smell like a chippy, for a while, but that wears off quickly. We used this when our old cat started weeing indoors, and it completely killed the smell of cat wee, so I am sure it would work on this too.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Sat 28-Apr-18 16:57:22

I forgot to say - I don't think the non-brewed condiment would work.

Shiftymake Sat 28-Apr-18 16:58:28

Second the white vinegar, it does work

catsofa Sat 28-Apr-18 16:59:01

Biological washing powder/liquid? It's supposed to work well on cat pee.

ShiftyLookingBadger Sat 28-Apr-18 18:28:10

Thanks all, going to give all the above a go (separately!)

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LostPlatypus Sat 28-Apr-18 18:33:54

Enzyme spray for cats/dogs works super well on cat wee (mine peed on my brand new mattress after the neighbour who was catsitting ignored her litter tray for a week) and I've heard it also works well on human wee. Might be worth a try if none of the other things help or you happen to have some.

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