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Sudden wee accidents at night again - ride it out?

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dodi1978 Fri 27-Apr-18 11:04:37

DS, 4.8, has been night trained since approx. his 4th birthday. Now he suddenly has wee accidents again at night (four nights this week with one dry night in between).

Should we ride it out and hope it gets better again? We had a similar thing last autumn and it settled again after a week.

No major changes at home, doesn't normally drink much for an hour before bed, always goes to the loo again just before his story.

He has never gone to the loo at night - he just sleeps to deeply I think. This hasn't been a problem since last summer, he simply held it till the morning. This now suddenly doesn't seem to work any more.

Have been thinking about a night alarm thingy , but not sure it's the right thing to do!

Any experiences / advice?

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Thesunrising Wed 02-May-18 22:25:46

I think your natural inclination to ride it out at this stage is probably right. NICE guidelines advise there’s no point treating bedwetting until your child is 5. Certainly alarm treatment is really only suitable for older children that are more aware of their wetting being an issue that they are motivated to resolve. Have his drinking habits changed during the day and is he weeing and pooing normally? Constipation can sometimes causes bedwetting - if the bowel is full it squeezes on the bladder. Have you considered a UTI perhaps? This could just be a minor blip and he’ll get back to dry nights soon.

dodi1978 Thu 03-May-18 10:32:51

Thanks for your answer! We have had one dry night this week, otherwise all accidents.... would love to ride it out but working full time and the constant washing just isn't compatible.
We'll try to make a doctors appointment to exclude an UTI. No issues with constipation - he eats as selectively as ever, but lots of fruit too.
One thing we have been considering is that he rather likes the showers he has after a wee accident (he would normally not have a shower in the morning). So he might have started to associate wee accidents with having a shower... I have suggested to my husband that we give him a shower every morning anyway to break that association.
I was considering an alarm actually - he said to me that he just doesn't know when the wee comes, so an alarm might work.
I just hope this stops again!

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Thesunrising Thu 03-May-18 20:30:38

I hope the GP appt goes well and that you can rule out a uti. Do you know what time of night the accidents are happening (roughly)? Is it slap bang in the middle of the night or just before he wakes up? Prob worth keeping a note to see if there is a pattern. If the accidents continue after your GP appt it would be worth giving ERIC a ring on their Helpline. There’s loads on their website about the different reasons behind bedwetting and the different solutions that are most appropriate. All the best!

CaptainKirkssparetupee Thu 03-May-18 20:36:20

Worms can cause bed wetting.

dodi1978 Fri 04-May-18 10:41:50

Hi! Went to the GP, no infection. I also called ERIC yesterday - they didn't really have anything new to suggest to be honest!
Another accident this morning. I think they are coming just before getting up. He usually gets up at 6.30am, but has been shouting for us saying he is wet normally at about 6 this week.
Interesting about worms... hadn't considered that!
I am really tempted to try this alarm thing, or alternatively to wake him up before we go to bed for another wee.... not sure. I only know we can't continue like this as I can't keep up with the washing!!!

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CaptainKirkssparetupee Fri 04-May-18 12:09:52

The dream wee thing isn't recommended anymore as it was, in a lot of cases, teaching children to wee while half asleep.

dodi1978 Tue 08-May-18 16:02:28

Well, a mixed bag on the weekend. Accident Friday to Saturday, no accident Saturday to Sunday, accident Sunday to Monday, no accident this morning....

I just hope we can build up the number of good nights again! My washing machine needs a holiday!

Bought a cheap bedwetting alarm on Amazon, but one that has good reviews. Should arrive tomorrow, but will observe for a bit to see whether there is sustained improvement.

We also (bar DS2 who is under 2) took the worm medicine on Saturday and we did all the towel washing etc. in case that's the reason.....

Fingers crossed!

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