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Shinningstar Wed 25-Apr-18 20:15:15

I am really struggling with my 4 year old and pooing .. we are currently on movicol for constipation however he just poos mush and porridge like substance .. rarely in his potty or the toilet , he prefers his pants and to be honest he does not care , this has been an issue for a long time and potty training in general has been hard , he’s really only just got the hang of weeing.. I’m very worried he starts school in September and I’m so afraid he’s going to still have this problem .. we have really tried everything , calm talking , bribing , he’s under medical review at the moment but I can’t see any light .. he had 3 accidents at nursery today and he either won’t aknowledge he’s doing a poo or even that he’s done one , he’s 4 years and 4 months old and I am getting upset for him what am I going to do ?

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SickofThomasTheTank Wed 25-Apr-18 20:25:19

Sounds like Crohns. I have the same issue with my 3 yr old

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