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2 year old too young?

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Starfish25 Sun 22-Apr-18 14:57:35

Hi, I'm a first time mum so I have no clue with toilet training. Is he too young for the potty? He's in size 6+ nappies at the moment and they don't last him long. I have the potty out but he won't go near it, even when I've sat on it to show him he will throw a tantrum. Am I being too quick to teach him? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you x

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jaimelannistersgoldenhand Sun 22-Apr-18 15:00:23

Just 2 or nearly 3?
Anecdotally between 2.5 and 3.5 years old is very common.

theboud Sun 22-Apr-18 15:01:33

If he’s not happy to go near a potty I’d give him a few months and try again. DS potty trained at 2 because he wanted to copy his big sister but it’s about the earliest you can do it with any success so you don’t need to rush.

Aebj Sun 22-Apr-18 15:07:54

My boys were 2 years and around 8 mths old when they were even interested in potty training.
Boys tend to be slower than girls and I wouldn’t even begin to worry until they are 3. The summer months are coming up. Late summer would be an ideal age to start. Took me ages but we took it slowly with both boys. We did it over the school holidays . ( July / August time) my boys were both November babies.
Ds 1 was even good at night. Ds 2 we were still training until he was about 9-10 years old . ( 12 is when they start to worry at night).
I found the more laid back I was , the quicker they learnt. Don’t put a time on it. Don’t stress them. They will do it. If they don’t there’s help. But not till after the age of 3. Just because your friends kid might of toilet trained at 8 mths doesn’t mean your kid has to. Does it really matter when you are over 18?!!!!

Madratlady Sun 22-Apr-18 15:16:10

Wait until he's ready. Children who are genuinely ready to potty train get the hang of it pretty quickly, my eldest ds was dry within 3 days shortly before turning 3, and most people I know who've wanted until their child was ready to use the potty rather than 'training' from an early age have had fairly quick results. My youngest is 2 1/2 and we're going to give it a try in a few weeks but if he's not getting it within a few days we'll wait until he's older.

JobHunting4 Sun 22-Apr-18 15:34:09

My eldest wasn't interested at that age. He was big and in the biggest size nappies. Can't rush them though

Starfish25 Sun 22-Apr-18 16:49:12

Thank you everyone for the reply. He turned 2 in Feb so I think I will give him a few more months and see if we have any luck. I won't rush him. I might of thought he could of took after me I was out of nappies at 8 months old haha nope he is deffiantly like his dad. Thanks everyone tho! X

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