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Start now or after nursery

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Raccoonsatemyscones Wed 11-Apr-18 08:19:10

I started a thread a few weeks ago to ask if my 2y4m old was ready to start potty training and the advice was to wait as he didn't want to sit on the toilet or potty.

Since then he has occasionally taken his nappy off and asked for pants and this morning has asked to go to the toilet and done a wee. He then cried about having nappy on and asked for pants. Had an accident as he told me just as he was doing a wee but happily sat on the potty.

I'd be tempted to try but he's starting nursery next week and I think 2 big changes might be a bit much for him. Do I just put up with the crying and put him in nappies until he's settled in nursery or start whilst he's keen?

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Looneytune253 Wed 11-Apr-18 08:34:15

Start now and see how he goes. You’ll have a better idea by next week how it’s going and if it’s going well there’s no need to stop

Raccoonsatemyscones Wed 11-Apr-18 09:19:18

Well he had another accident and came to tell me but has now asked for a nappy! I'm not prepared for this! Need to go out and haven't planned for a nappy free child! I know it shouldn't be such a big deal but the thought of potty training seems huge! Planned to follow the 'oh crap'method when he was ready but that's out the window now.

Do most people just put them in pants, tske them to potty off they ask/have an accident and keep asking if they need to go when out and about?

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