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What age do daytime accidents stop?

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Codysmum88 Tue 10-Apr-18 23:05:53

Me and some other mum's were discussing this earlier at soft play centre, my DS is 5 and still has occasional wet accident during the day, other mum's had mixed answers confused When's normal for them to stop? My nephews 4 and only very occasionally wets himself so does it vary from child to child?

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IWantMyHatBack Tue 10-Apr-18 23:08:24

Huge variation. Some children are totally dry from 2yo, others have accidents at 4, 5, 6yo. I wouldnt expect many accidents from reception age, though. Obviously accidents happen, but it's not usual from 4-5yo I don't think.

Codysmum88 Wed 11-Apr-18 13:16:05

That's what I thought smile

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