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Potty training

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larkhill Fri 06-Apr-18 17:16:29

My son is 2 years 4 months and I wanted to potty train him before our next child comes along. We’re on day 7 now and we’ve had some successes where he tells us potty or poo and runs to it. Although he has already started weeing he finishes on the potty. But he’s still also having times where he just wees on the floor. I really don’t know what to do. We don’t want to give up. We’ve got a sticker chart and he tells us what the potty is for. Any advice would help

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teaandbiscuitsforme Sun 08-Apr-18 12:46:15

Are you following something or just winging it? If you've just gone for it, I'd recommend reading Oh Crap because you need to get him to link actually weeing with where it goes so that he can start to link the feeling of needing to wee with moving to the potty.

Good luck!

fabulous01 Sun 08-Apr-18 13:02:34

Is he ready?
Mine started and I had to stop as although nursery said they were ready they weren’t
Went back to nappies for practicalities and bam both trained.
But I started with potty on front of telly but charts etc didn’t work with us just praise and lots of washing

larkhill Mon 09-Apr-18 15:31:30

So I went back to naked for two days and he improved loads. We’ve had two dry days, and even took him out for a short walk yesterday and this morning and it went fine. Tried him in clothes today. He’s done really well until 3:10pm and then he’s weed in his trousers! Is it normal for them to have the odd accident still after 10 days?

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Mrsramsayscat Mon 09-Apr-18 16:30:05

Definitely normal. It can take time.

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