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3-year-old, potty trained (ish) for months, now withholding wees during the day

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clueless999 Wed 04-Apr-18 16:07:50

Started potty training ds using Oh Crap method, aged 2.10. Now 3.4, has been up and down with loads of wee accidents (he's fine at pooing on potty) but we have been prompting him to try for wees on potty/ loo to avoid accidents. Over the last few weeks he's gone from weeing loads in the morning to not doing any all day until late afternoon (either we strongly prompt him to try or he needs a poo so goes). I'm a bit worried - it's good he can keep it in but we are having arguments about trying before we go out anywhere. He also has soaking nappy pants every night, sometimes leaking. Is he risking infection or anything?

His behaviour has been absolutedly awful the last few months, coinciding with arrival of baby sibling, so trying to give him a break about potty stuff. We did go back to stage 1 after he had a few accidents while watching tv and it slightly improved.

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teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 05-Apr-18 08:00:00

Definitely go to the GP and check there's nothing medically wrong.

If not, I'd abandon pants for now and go back to commando whilst out, bottomless in the house.

Hard as it is, try not to make it a battle. If you're going out, he gets two options - wee in the potty or toilet, wee upstairs or downstairs, wee at home or when you get there etc to try and give him the control.

Also try to not phrase it as a question - it's time to wee. Or 'I can see you need to wee. The toilet is there when you need it,' and then walk away.

Good luck!

MumUndone Thu 05-Apr-18 09:03:56

I doubt there's anything wrong, he just can't be bothered to wee. I often hold in my wee for hours when I'm busy! That being said it's not good for you so best to get him out of this habit.

Reward chart for doing wees? Or a treat, e.g. chocolate button? We used to give DS a sweet (one of those dried fruit type ones for kids) each time he used the potty.

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