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Day 3: quick straw poll - should will continue or give up

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BotBotticelli Mon 02-Apr-18 13:12:46

Ds2 is 2.8yo. This is day 3 of our first attempt to potty train him. He seems to be sort-of getting it (is getting 50% of his wees in the potty and is only weeing every hour/90 mind which I think shows an ability to control it??).

Our day so far has looked like this:

- Wee in potty after breakfast
- wee in potty in swimming pool changing rooms (we figured it was one of the safest places to take him as they all piss in the water anyway!)
- wee accident in pants in leisure centre cafe
- wee accident in pants shortly after arriving home
- wee AND MASSIVE POO in potty just before lunch
- wee accident in pants whilst cooking lunch

So 3 in the potty and 3 in the pants.


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MollyDaydream Mon 02-Apr-18 13:15:02

Stay at home for a few days and have a proper crack at it.

BotBotticelli Mon 02-Apr-18 13:21:50

This is day 3. We stayed at home all day on day 1 and day 2. At the start he had no clue but now he is getting half the wees in the potty.

We literally cannot stay in the house for days at a time. He had his brother (5yo) are VERY boisterous and to be honest we were all ready to kill each other by the end of day 2 in the house!!

We keep it to local short trips out the house once or twice a day but we WILL need to go out from here on in. It’s just not practical (or good for my mental health) for us to stay in any longer!!

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Womblewobble Mon 02-Apr-18 17:01:16

Are you taking a potty everywhere and offering it? That is my only thought. Not that I’ve cracked it yet either lol

runningdoll Mon 02-Apr-18 17:09:01

If he's using the potty I'd keep going. I used to stop if no wee or poo at all ended up in the potty. I had a stack of joggers and pants and was just really chilled about it.

For day 3 I think this sounds good going. I have potty trained 4 DC now but TBH never really felt like I'd got it.

BotBotticelli Mon 02-Apr-18 22:51:01

Update: much better afternoon.

Managed to get him to pee before we went out to tescos this afternoon. Were out the house for an hour in total and he kept his pants totally dry. I asked him if he needed a wee before we got in The car to go home and he said yes - so I whipped the potty out and he did one in tescos car park next to the car! I am taking this as a victory. I never did potty with my eldest son who was older when he trained (just 3) so he went straight to the toilet. I can see that scrabbling around in Tesco car park with a pot full of piss isn’t ideal but it feels a bit like winning today!

We had no accidents at all this afternoon so I have decided to stick with it. He still had a nappy at night though. But I reckon I will wait until he has been largely dry by day for a few weeks before I start to think about the nights...!

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