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Please help. At wit's end. 6 yr old poos in nappies

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TallulahBetty Sun 01-Apr-18 15:57:28

Please please help. Our 6.5 yr old still poos in nappies. We've tried everything but she refuses to use a potty or the loo. We've seen a consultant about it but nothing is wrong so nothing can be done. If we refuse her a nappy then she will hold it in which we've bad troubles with in the past and is on movicol for it. Please has anyone been in this situation? What worked in the end? Bribery does not work.

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Blackbirdblue30 Sun 01-Apr-18 16:03:41

A friend's kid did that until the same age and what sorted it in the end was having a new sibling and clicking somehow that nappies are just for babies.

Blackbirdblue30 Sun 01-Apr-18 16:04:39

THats probably not much help. Why doesn't she want to? Have you talked to her about what's wrong?

TallulahBetty Sun 01-Apr-18 16:05:19

Thank you, that is not a possibility though lol. Just to add that that she has no special needs etc and can't give a reason for disliking loos/potties, only that she doesn't want to.

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Blackbirdblue30 Sun 01-Apr-18 16:06:47

Can you put her on the loo in her nappy to do it? To get the muscle memory started?

TallulahBetty Sun 01-Apr-18 16:09:44

Yes she currently sits on the loo to do it. With a nappy. We progressed to this a year ago so no progress in that time. So so fed up of it. She was late to potty training for wees (4.5) but I never expected this

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ineedamoreadultieradult Sun 01-Apr-18 16:14:42

Does she put the nappy on specifically to poo in? Could you suggest rather than put it on, poo take it off it would be easier for her if you just laid the nappy across the toilet? Then sort of lay it out maybe trapped under the seat so she is still pooing in to the nappy rather than down the toilet if that makes sense. I've heard of people doing this as a step towards pooing into the toilet.

Scabetty Sun 01-Apr-18 16:15:53

How does she cope at school?

GrockleBocs Sun 01-Apr-18 16:18:42

Have you tried cutting a hole in the nappy so she can wear it on the toilet as a next stage? The ERIC website suggests that I think.

MiniAlphaBravo Sun 01-Apr-18 16:18:49

Sorry but I would stop buying nappies and tell her it’s not happening anymore. A decent bribe for pooing on the lol and some high fibre food should help smile

Footle Sun 01-Apr-18 16:47:30

She's old enough to understand basic economics. The nappy money is urgently needed for... something that's important to her. Put the money into a jar so she can see it mounting up.

roundcorners Sun 01-Apr-18 17:15:30

I had a slightly different variety of this with my 4.5 year old daughter. Although she would soil pants if we didn't give her nappies. I followed some advice from mumsnet to have her wear nothing on her lower half. It was easier as I could protect her modesty with dresses. It worked extremely quickly. I can't remember who posted that but I always wanted to thank them. She had a history of constipation and movicol as well. Good luck with it.

CaptainKirkssparetupee Sun 01-Apr-18 21:14:56

Cut hole in the nappy.

Small at first, then big enough so she's looking in the toilet, then cut most of the nappy away over the next year.

CaptainKirkssparetupee Sun 01-Apr-18 21:15:44

Very common problem so don't panic about it.

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