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Almost 6 and wetting bed every night

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Rooroo1012 Fri 30-Mar-18 08:44:41

Is it normal that my almost 6 yr old is s wetting the bed?
He use to be brilliant and would go weeks without an accident but now he’s wetting every night.

I’m washing sheets and duvets everyday and it’s exhausting.

I’ve put him back in night nappies once before for a short period and then gave him another go.

He’s got worse since I replaced his normal single bed with a cabin bed. He has to climb down 3 stairs to get out.

Is it possible he’s just being lazy and not wanting to climb out of bed to use the toilet?

I’m at my wits end with this. Any advice welcome.

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FunnyBird Fri 30-Mar-18 08:48:21

I think it's perfectly normal. My 8 yo DD has only been just under a year.
Stop all the laundry and put him back in pull ups.
Doctors won't worry about it until after 7yo. Something to do with a hormone which prevents urine production at night.

relaxitllbeok Fri 30-Mar-18 08:51:09

If he'd always done it it'd be perfectly normal, but if he was almost always dry before and now has started wetting the bed, that's more unusual. I too would wonder whether the steps are offputting when he's half awake. Do you have room to put the mattress down on the floor for a bit and see if it helps?

Slartybartfast Fri 30-Mar-18 08:52:27

School nurse will advise you, it isnt considered a "problem" until the age of 8 but in the meantime there is advice out there, that is if mumsnet doesnt come up with the goods

HarrietSpecter Fri 30-Mar-18 08:53:36

Hi, we used this for our then 6yo who was dry in the day but not at night,
Worked within 5 days, but we kept going for 2 weeks, not a single accident 3 years later!
Definitely worth the money - in terms of anxiety (ours and dc's) washing(!) and time!!,ss:44&tbm=shop&prmd=sivn&srpd=16672254307414776023&prds=num:1,of:1,epd:10313707757615956017,paur:ClkAsKraX72EsfmFMRRPMPxR03ViL6VaRWDqGjdru3jZVHsOmbcSsFpJgSsF14jsr6VKWAqu0ifZONfhAECFYPbb_LKIhqhe1zkXI6tJjpNbZgC2F1JRVelmlRIZAFPVH737WXYkk4JYZ7LTMS_PVITNRjc1jQ,cid:18322221611513970468&ved=0ahUKEwicrJvpx5PaAhUCmbQKHc35DJwQgjYIiwI

HarrietSpecter Fri 30-Mar-18 08:54:40

Better link 🙈

relaxitllbeok Fri 30-Mar-18 08:56:17

Lots of options here (they're apparently good for advice, too):

Rooroo1012 Fri 30-Mar-18 09:40:20

School nurse’ advice hasn’t helped so far.
If it’s still normal at his age then I’ll give him more time and put in nappies for a bit longer. It’s neen suggested to me before to put his mattress on the floor so I will also try this as well. If he stays at the grandparents where he’s in a normal low bed he’s usually good at getting up and using the toilet so my mind always goes back to blaming his cabin bed. Well thanks for the advice everyone, a few things for me to try. Even if he managed to cut the wetting in half would be a huge improvement.

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Slartybartfast Fri 30-Mar-18 11:11:19

I think the cabin bed might be to blame, perhaps you can use it as a carrot? an incentive for when he is bigger

Slartybartfast Fri 30-Mar-18 11:13:45

see about an enuresis clinic?

yikesanotherbooboo Fri 30-Mar-18 11:41:28

Was he reliably dry for a decent length of time?
If so , sometimes there is a medical reason eg urine infection why he may no longer be dry so I would see your doctor.
In general terms though it is still VERY common to be wet at night at 6 .

Rooroo1012 Mon 02-Apr-18 08:02:21

Yes I’m really thinks the cabin bed could be to blame. He use to get urine infections due to not being circumcised but he’s had the snip now so we’re past all that. I’ve put him back in nappies since I posted this thread. His had two dry nights in the nappy and last night he wet. Going to see how he gets on but am really considering switching to a low bed again. Thanks for all the advice

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