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18 months on... not really sure this is potty training any more!

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drspouse Wed 21-Mar-18 17:03:51

DD is 4 in May and about 18 months ago she started refusing to wear nappies or trousers - she just took them off round the house - so we went with it and the first month or two she made steady progress.

Then she made much slower progress but about 6 months later she was down to about 2 wee accidents a day so we were quite pleased.

But then she made no more progress and/or has gone backwards.

Initially she did all her poos in her nap/night time nappy but since she dropped her nap around her 3rd birthday she does some in the day time too. But they are almost all in her pants and she can do up to 5 in her pants some days.

She can also have 4-5 wet pants/pairs of trousers per day.

We have tried bribery (she knows she gets a chocolate button for a poo in the potty but she rarely gets one; we have said she can have a Kinder egg which is her FAVOURITE THING EVER for a dry day but she hasn't managed one in the last 2 weeks - though last summer she managed quite a few).
We have moved her back to a potty at home/nursery (she really doesn't like loud loos or public loos, she will now go on them if you hold her hand but this doesn't prevent wet pants).
We have tried more fibre. We have tried cutting out lactose and giving more drinks of milk (2 different HVs suggestions).
(One poster on a FB group I'm on, from the US, suggested she should have an X-ray to see if she is constipated. As I knew I'd be laughed out of the GP office if I suggested that, I haven't. But ERIC says that going 4 times a week or less, or leaks, suggest constipation. She doesn't have leaks and she poos a lot).
She doesn't have a urine infection (tested a couple of times).
We have tried reminding her to go ourselves (she just gets stubborn) and using an alarm (she will go with that but still has accidents).
She will go if reminded at the CM which is a very calm environment - she is usually dry there or has just one accident - but even if we have a calm day at home she still can't stay dry all day.

Because it has been SO long now I am not going to put her back in nappies (I know some people may think that is a good idea but nursery, the HV and our CM all say no).

I have just started trying her with no pants, just a dress, at home but we can't stay home all the time and she still had a few accidents in 3 days of trying it.

We are seeing the children's continence nurse and have read all the advice on ERIC and I am at my wit's end!
DS is in Y1 at our local school and they know this may be an issue and I'm sure they'd cope but honestly I really don't want them to have to! I'm fed up of coping myself!

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drspouse Wed 21-Mar-18 17:06:46

Gosh sorry that was really long!

Started training herself aged just over 2
Got better fairly quickly but no progress really in the last 12 months
Up to 5 wet pants and 5 poos in pants per day.
Have tried all the recommended suggestions!

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