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Straining for a wee

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ChocolateDollyMixture Mon 19-Mar-18 13:57:38

My DS is 2.4yrs and I'm going to attempt potty training this coming weekend as he'll be at home for 3 days.

He's shown all the right signs and is confident with what a potty is, stays dry for a good length of time.

The issue I'm worried about is he has used the potty recently (he's asked, we've not told him) and done a wee but he's pushed & strained in order to produce a wee. (As in he hasn't really needed to go but pushes just so there's something in the potty). Obviously he does then wee a bit and DS sees this as a result so does it again. I'm worried he'll cause himself damage!
DH & I have tried telling him to relax. I took him with me when I went for a wee & tried explaining the difference between straining & relaxing but he still sat on the potty and 'pushed'.

What do I do? Or will it be different when potty training and he's using the potty on a regular basis?

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Aftereights91 Mon 09-Jul-18 21:55:31

I'm in exactly the same situation. No advice I'm afraid as we've only been using the potty the past two days, ds is 26 months old. He's got the hang of it straight away all wees and poos in the potty and was dry all night last night but like your ds he's doing the same, about half his wees will be normal ones and the other half he strains till he's made a tiny wee. I keep telling him not to push just sit but he doesn't seem to get it. Sorry to be of no help but maybe somebody else will have an idea

anotherangel2 Mon 09-Jul-18 21:58:42

It sounds like they are trying to wee opposed to waiting until they have the urge to wee and then getting in the potty.

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