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4 year old still pooing in pull ups advice pls

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sheballs Wed 14-Mar-18 19:24:36

My soon to be 4 year old girl, has mastered using the toilet for weeing for the last year now, never has accidents. She wears pants as soon as she gets out off bed in the morning and then puts a pull up on to go to bed with as she's never had a dry pull up in the night. But the problem I have is she waits until she has a pull up on to go a poo she refuses to poo on the toilet, sometimes on a evening she will beg me to let her put on a pull up cus she needs a poo. Iv tried putting her on the toilet but with no luck.
Any suggestions wellcome for help or anyone else's child been through this ??

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CaptainKirkssparetupee Wed 14-Mar-18 19:30:46

Dont panic, It's very very very common, right into school age, there's loads of threads about it.

Just let her have a nappy, but get her to use it in the bathroom only, get her to wipe once she's finished (over the nappy), flush the paper and wash her hands, then change her. Bacically take a few months to build up this routine.

Then, once you have that in place, get her sitting on the toilet in the nappy while she poos, followed by wiping over the nappy and so on.

Then after a while, once she has the hang of that, cut a hole in the nappy, so she's pooing in the toilet and wiping herself....

Then cut most of the nappy away, so it's just the waistband....

Then no nappy.

TittyGolightly Wed 14-Mar-18 19:31:15

This is common. Children don’t always understand that poo is a waste product (rather than part of them) and can be worried about being splashed.

Have you got a potty? Try laying an opened out pull up in it and see if she’ll do that. Let her sit and read a book on the potty with no time pressure at all.

CaptainKirkssparetupee Wed 14-Mar-18 19:33:05

Take it very slowly with no pressure.

calmandbright Wed 14-Mar-18 19:35:28

I’m in exactly the same position with my nearly 4 year old. Am basically not stressing for now, so I’m glad others have said the same on this thread!

YellowFlipFlops Wed 14-Mar-18 19:38:39

Will be following this thread as we have exactly the same problem! Sorry, no advice, but at least you know it's not just you!

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