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Toddler using nappies at grandparents house

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laura1306 Sun 11-Mar-18 19:23:39

My 2 and a half year old has been in underpants for almost 2 months now and only had 4 accidents in the first few days. He mastered it very quickly and still does well here although he has a court order that means he goes to his paternal grandparents house 2 days a week and just this week he's been coming back in nappies again. She tries to tell me he's been in his underpants during the day but then I'm thinking why is she putting him in a nappy to bring him home all of a sudden. She told me the other morning that he'd had a poo before coming home and when I pulled his underpants down he was still a bit mucky but up the front and that just can't happen if he is going on the toilet so he must have gone in a nappy. Now this week he has done a poo in his pants twice and I think she is really ruining how great he has done at learning to use the toilet. He never had this problem in the beginning and I was surprised how great she was about letting him wear his underpants at her house but she's really fine back on it and I can't teach him what's right and wrong if she does this! Help, I can't change the type of contact he has with her to shorter more often periods of time because of this court order so how can I get her to stop messing with her what's become right and wrong for him?

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CaptainKirkssparetupee Sun 11-Mar-18 21:23:36

To be honest regression happens, it doesn't mean it's because he's been put back into nappies, and if you raise it with them it's unlikely they will stop. If they are happy changing his nappies then let them, it's far from ideal but he will still learn.

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