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2.10 year old will wee in potty but doesn't seem to know when he's about to poo?

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HariboFrenzy Sun 11-Mar-18 12:16:50

We haven't officially started potty training ds, but he has a potty and has weed in it a few times. If we leave him with a naked bum he will just go and get on the potty when he needs a wee. However he will just poo wherever he is. I'm not sure if he even knows when he needs one as he doesn't seem to stop what he's doing, it just 'falls out'. The health visitor said they learn that they need to poo before they learn that they need to wee, so I'm a bit confused! It's the main reason why I'm not properly potty training yet. Should I just wait a couple of weeks and try naked bum again?

RolyRocks Tue 13-Mar-18 14:44:09

Potty training is just that - it is teaching them how to go to the toilet for wees and poos - children don't just "know" how to do it - they have to learn.

It's like when they were learning to walk - we had to guide them (some need more guiding than others) and they will fall over and find some things easier and some things not, such as cruising with furniture is equal to weeing on potty. Remember that you didn't say to your DC, oh you've fallen over, lets put off learning to walk for a bit longer!

The same with training. You say you haven't officially started but it sounds like you have. Your DC is doing brilliantly with using the potty but will still have' accidents' when he is learning and it's the same for poos. You have to teach him what to do for poos as well. Our job with 'teaching' is to look for clues that happen just before they poo - it does mean you have to give your DC your full attention but if you can get him just before he is about to do it, he will understand what to do. "Next time, we poo on the potty/toilet" and keep doing it.

It does take time - remember, children are not a one size fits all! I think he sounds the perfect age to keep going - don't wait a couple of weeks (but yes to naked bottom or going commando at first if that works for you!)

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