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5 year old and rarely dry ... !

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Jules605 Tue 30-Jan-18 22:41:54

Looking for direction! Daughter is five and just leaves going to the toilet so late she's constantly wet after school, often damp, sometimes a bigger accident but we're getting fed up with the washing and smelling of wee!!!
At home she'll clearly want a wee and just won't go! We'll say do you need a wee - and she constantly says no. So frustrating.
She is a very active, determined and knows her own mind. Likes to make her own decisions. Initially seemed she was too busy to go but now feel it's more behavioural and are thinking of getting help along this line .. does anyone have thoughts and direction on what to do next. It seems she just doesn't care! Tried sticker charts, rewards, praise, not making a big thing of the accidents etc etc. .. She's very mummy needy, and has younger brother nearly 3. Is it an attention thing?! Really?!
Thoughts? thanks!

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CaptainKirkssparetupee Wed 31-Jan-18 10:41:05

Instead of asking if she needs a wee, set time's for her to go, tell her it's time to try and wee.

Also get her to clean herself up, put wet clothes in the wash and so on.

When you are out of the house use pullups, just because it's easier.

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