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Top tips for potty training please

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SparklesandBubbles Mon 29-Jan-18 10:55:07

Hi, DS who is 2 and 2months is showing signs of being ready for potty training - communicates when he's done a pee/poo and regularly does wees on potty before bath time etc. I've got a 4 day window of opportunity to start training from Thursday so thought I should go for it (especially as we're expecting number 2 in a few months). Would really love your top tips of Do's and Dont's for potty training. Anything I should read in advance? Thanks

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seafoodeatit Mon 29-Jan-18 10:58:59

What works for each child is different! We did pants free potty training. It takes a bit longer to learn to pull underwear down, it's easier for them at first if all they have to do is squat. Leave the potty where they can see it and occasionally ask if they need to to. DC was underwear free for almost a week around the house and was having few accidents after another week, they were just over 2 and a half so older than yours.

teaandbiscuitsforme Mon 29-Jan-18 13:32:02

Definitely read the Oh Crap book. It's really good.

Nomad86 Wed 31-Jan-18 18:16:32

We did cold turkey. Dd wore nothing on the bottom, we stayed in the living room and I watched her like a hawk. As soon as I thought she was weeing, I'd sit her on the potty. We had a few puddles but none after three days. Each time I sat her on the potty I'd repeat "when you need to do a wee, tell mummy". Then chocolate buttons for every success. A sticker chart seems to work well too. Lots of praise and when there's an accident, just repeat the instruction with a "never mind" and a smile.

Good luck!

SparklesandBubbles Wed 31-Jan-18 22:22:40

Thanks for the responses ladies. His nursery has suggested perhaps we try and do it during half term week when we have an entire week rather than 4 days. Guess that way they hopefully don't have to deal with too many accidents!!

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