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Give me your best potty training tips and advice please!

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emilyjayne1990 Sun 07-Jan-18 08:53:24

My little boy 2 years 2 months. I'm not in a hurry to get him potty trained.
We have a potty, and he's very aware that's where he needs to do his wee's and poo's. He always tells us when he's done a poo in his nappy.
I put him in pants the other day, and we had one wee on the potty successfully which obviously resulted in a massive celebration 😂 then he had a few accidents but he realised as he was doing it so he's aware of that. Then he sat on the potty when I was washing the pots and did another wee but didn't take his pants down.
He's also been trying at my mums, he went running in to use the potty but didn't quite make it in time.

So do you think he's ready, shall I let him take the lead and have you got any tips?

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lorisparkle Sun 07-Jan-18 09:03:07

Definitely sounds ready! I started off with lots of potties round the house so he did not have to go far and lots of drinks when we were at home so he had lots of practice. I would bite the bullet put him in pants all the time in the day and give it a go for a week or so. You should get a feel after a couple of days whether he is really ready and then can either persevere or have a break and try again in a couple more weeks. You sound as though you have the right attitude.

Givemeabreak01 Sun 07-Jan-18 09:22:19

I started toilet training (we decided not to do a potty) our little boy who is 2 years 1 month over Christmas, he'd been asking to go to the toilet but not doing anything, we spent 4 solid days in the house with him in nothing but pants.... we then had to send him to nursery and grandparents as I was back at work.... yesterday (after a week of him being out while I'm at work) was out first successful day of NO accidents....! All I'd say is let him lead we say hurry up wee wee and ooh look.... sounds silly but it's working and lots of praise just ask every 15 mins if he needs the toilet if he does it great if he doesn't no problem but it sounds like he will catch on really quickly..... first week for us he was having dribbles then realised he needed to ask to go but like I said yesterday first full day clean!

teaandbiscuitsforme Sun 07-Jan-18 13:14:08

He's more than ready! I'd suggest reading Oh Crap and I'd ditch the underwear for now. It can give them the secure feeling of a nappy so the theory is you get more accidents. Try a couple of days bottomless in the house, then put trousers on him with no underwear (loose joggers or something). Introduce pants in a couple of week.

emilyjayne1990 Tue 09-Jan-18 16:07:09

Thanks for the replies! Today he's refused to put pants on so far but I keep asking him. So we're not forcing him.
We've also bought him a new potty which looks like a toilet and makes a flushing noise which has helped a lot. Fingers crossed !!

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