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26 month old potty training advice

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lyssie29 Fri 05-Jan-18 15:59:56

I've just started potty training this afternoon she's has one accident which is obviously fine but just wondering she had a wee on the floor while she was playing but didn't even notice is this normal or is she really just not ready yet? I put her on the potty after she did it and said to her wees and poos go in here. I've been reading the oh crap potty training book and although ive just started it I thought I'd try her and it says they appear to be more ready when they can recite the abc song. However, my daughter has speech delay and only says a handful of words so i dont want to wait until she can say it as it could be another year for all I know. She is waiting for s&L therapy. Should I keep at it for a bit longer?

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Redisthemagicolour Fri 05-Jan-18 16:03:28

If she can't tell you she's been, never mind that she needs to go, then I'd say she's not ready. You'll have some successes but that is mostly down to luck. Speech isn't necessarily important as king as she can make herself understood but she needs to have some idea what the sensations are. I'd leave it for now. She's still young.

teaandbiscuitsforme Sun 07-Jan-18 13:11:12

I find the ABC song in Oh Crap a bit weird to be honest. I trained DD last Feb and she still can't do it now!!

She doesn't need to know that she's done it if you're on day 1 - remember, it's 'I've done a wee' to 'I'm weeing' to 'I need to do a wee'. She's still in the 'I've done a wee' phase.

You need to move her on to 'I'm weeing' by watching her like a hawk and as soon as you see she needs to wee, or that she's started, you move her to the potty. Ask her to hold it.

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