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2 year old girl potty training

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lorza03 Sat 30-Dec-17 15:48:28

My daughter turned two in November and has started taking herself to ththe potty or toilet now we are on week 4 and she will mostly tell me when she’s ready to wee and sometimes Poo if we have been out I’ve still put the pull ups on as I’ve tried putting knickers on in the house but she just do ent seem to get you have to pull them down and then wees or poos In the knickers but doesn’t tell me any advise on how ltomove foward please !! Also now she’s not had knickers on in The house when I put pull-ups on they are giving her a big rash

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teaandbiscuitsforme Sun 31-Dec-17 21:44:48

Personally I wouldn't use pull ups - if you're committed to her being dry then I wouldn't confuse her with pull ups and trust that you can do it when you're out and about.

BHillary Sat 13-Jan-18 15:59:50

I agree!
Lose the pull ups they delay the process so much

Nomad86 Sun 11-Feb-18 18:57:11

We started on dd's 2nd birthday (her idea). We went cold turkey, nothing on the bottom for the first couple of days, then knickers. We had a few 'weeing through the knickers' incidents but just reminded her every time to pull them down and congratulated her on weeing in the potty. We made a much bigger deal of the successes than the accidents. Puddles were met with "never mind, these things happen. Next time pull your knickers down and sit on the potty". Don't worry, she will get there! Sticker charts and chocolate buttons helped. When we went out, we took the potty under the pushchair and dashed behind a tree if needed.

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