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Potty training on pause over Christmas?

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TheABC Fri 22-Dec-17 13:34:44

DD (19 months) is sitting proudly on the potty as I type this. She pulled it out earlier, weed on it and wiped herself. I am a bit in shock as her older brother had to be coaxed into using it at 3.5 years old. Second child advantage, I guess.

My question is: what should I do over Christmas? The in-laws are staying over and with all the excitement it's unfair to expect a toddler to be accident-free. Should I stick her in pull-ups for the day or would this set her back?

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minipie Fri 22-Dec-17 13:40:12

Sorry it's not clear how far into potty training you are. Has she been using the potty for several days? How's it been going if so? 19 months is very young.

TheABC Fri 22-Dec-17 14:09:30

Hi minipie

I agree - 19 months is young. There's been no formal training. We have just been having the potty lying around as DS still likes to use it occasionally and she has observed him/us. She sits on it if she wants to, before bathtime. Over the past four days she has been going to the toilet and lifting her shirt if she has a wet nappy - again, copying DS.

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Chienrouge Fri 22-Dec-17 14:12:42

I’d just carry on doing as you’re doing TBH. DD2 was potty trained at 19 months so I don’t think it’s necessarily too young, I just left her bare bummed at home with a potty out and she was dry within 3 days. Can you put her in a dress with no pants and leave the potty in sight?

Chienrouge Fri 22-Dec-17 14:13:23

DD1 was more difficult to train at 2.8 so I was surprised too!

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