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4.5 year old won't poo in toilet

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lyssie29 Tue 19-Dec-17 19:34:58

DD will be 5 in March and currently refuses to use the toilet to poo. Does anyone have any experience with this? I have tried everything and I'm almost in tears because I'm so frustrated with it all. She says shes scared it will splash her but won't try with a nappy in the toilet or toilet roll. She sits on the toilet to do it in a nappy but I cant get her take the next step. What can I do?

CaptainKirkssparetupee Wed 20-Dec-17 07:40:27

This is really common even at her age, don't worry, try not to get frustrated. Let her continue with the nappy on the toilet for a while, but cut a hole in the nappy, a little hole at first then, without rushing things, slowly get bigger.
This is the advice from the ERIC website, eventually she will just have the waistband of the nappy on and will be going in the toilet.

CaptainKirkssparetupee Wed 20-Dec-17 07:41:01

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