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Messing around on the toilet or potty when out and about

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mebeforeyou Thu 07-Dec-17 08:11:17

We started potty training 10 days ago and it's going reasonably well I think - 90% trained at home using either the toilet or the potty (takes himself to it, doesn't ask), but when out and about in town/park etc its more hit and miss.

Three times now when I have taken him to the toilet (in Mall/department store etc) he has messed about getting on/off the toilet or potty, that we have been in there for 25-30 minutes. At the end of this he still hasn't gone to the toilet but keeps saying he does need to go and doesn't want to leave. I have got fed up and said we're going so he's had a tantrum or starts crying, then about 10-15 mins later he wets himself.

I can't spend 45 mins sitting in a public toilet waiting for him to go, but then of course he's wet himself not long later. I've tried to get into the habit of taking him to a toilet every hour when outside home, hence I am not too happy to spend hours sitting in public toilets while he messes about. I've seen one advice saying not to let them sit on the potty/toilet for more than 15 mins but then the ERIC website says a few mins at the most - they are either close to needing or go or they are not.

Perhaps I need to go with 15 mins max and he just has to learn not to mess about, tell me when he needs to go (doesn't usually yet), and it's all trial and error??

He only has water and milk usually, no juice, and squash is an occasional treat, but he still does not drink enough hence he doesn't actually wee that much. I've tried to put a little bit of squash into water to get him to drink more with limited success, with the purpose of seeing how long after drinking he wees, but this can be anything from 45 mins to a couple of hours. So, it's not easy to predict how often to take him to the toilet so when out I take him every hour approx.

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